Get a look behind the scenes

On this page, we unveil our purpose, vision, mission and values. But let’s start by telling what PIF really stands for. Read on if you haven’t already figured it out.

PIF stands for ‘Pay It Forward’

‘Pay It Forward’ originates from ancient Greece – 317 years before our era. Here it was the focal point of the play Dyskolos. It has since appeared in novels, Hollywood movies and even served as an economical financing model. The easiest way to describe ‘Pay It Forward’ is when someone impulsively does something good for others – without expecting anything in return.

We think that is beautiful. Which is why we have built our entire gifting-app around the ‘Pay It Forward’-idea.

Our purpose

We make the world happier and healthier through the gift of giving

We jump out of bed every morning to make the world a happier and healthier place. We do this by inspiring the use of social gifting, because we believe in the ‘gift of giving’; when we give, we make others happy, but we also become happier, healthier and feel more connected ourselves. And when we give, we support the local businesses where the gifts are picked up. This is why we have developed PIF – a trendy gifting-app that makes it SUPER EASY to give to others and create real-time happiness. In this way, we help make the world a better place with happier people and a healthier business life. Voila!

Our vision

We want to be the world’s leading social gifting-app

Our ambition is to become the world’s leading social gifting-app that connects people in the most beautiful way and supports the local business life across the globe.

Our mission

We want to scale the gift of giving to as many people as possible

By excelling in digital development, social gifting and an immensely fine partner ecosystem, we insist on creating happier and healthier days for our app users, partners and for each other.

Our values

We care

We put our hearts into our work and are passionate about making a positive difference in the everyday lives of others. To limit the amount of cloudy days, make people happier and the local business community healthier. That’s the core of everything we do.

We challenge

Go ahead and call us rebels of joy with razor sharp IT skills. Because we carry it as a brand of honour. We put our competencies into play on a daily basis to challenge the status quo and to find new, cool real-time ways to revolutionize the world so that it becomes a little happier.

We inspire

With lots of love and professional knowledge, we inspire to improve the quality of life with social gifting. We know that small acknowledgments – such as an ‘I’m-sorry-shawarma’ or ‘I’m-thinking-of-you-coffee’ – make a huge difference. Both for those who give and those who receive. And that is worth passing on.

We are transparent

We are open and honest – we have nothing to hide and are actually quite proud of our work. That’s why transparency is key in our business. And this is true regardless of whether we are talking economy, partners, mistakes, successes, CSR initiatives or something completely different. Are you curious? Then ask.

We Pay It Forward

We are the generous types who prefer giving rather than receiving. It gives us a kick – and it feels amazing to know that our actions have a joy-spreading effect that is very contagious… Did we mention that the more you give the longer you’ll live?

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