We believe in the gift of giving

And that’s exactly what we do.

We give to those who give to others

Our app is available free of charge to all relief organizations. Yes, you read it right – free of charge. We don’t want to benefit from donations that help others. We want to Pay It Forward.

On the front page, you will see a category button named ‘Charity’. Here we’ll showcase all the relief organisations affiliated with PIF. By doing so, we try to remind people that we can easily spread joy to others with a donation – directly in the app – even if it’s just on a normal Tuesday. Nice, right?

The relief organizations receive the entire donation...

… and are only deducted the mandatory transaction fee for MobilePay and Nets. We won’t keep a dime. We would much rather feel the joy of giving. Wouldn’t you? Then PIF a donation today.

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