Redeem a gift

Where can I see the gifts I have received?

Under “My PIF’s” on the front page, you can see the gifts you have received and the gifts you have sent.
Under “My PIF’s” you can also see how many days and hours there is left on the redemption period for your gift until it expires.

How to redeem a gift?

You can see all the gifts you have received through PIF under “My PIF’s”. You can see in which stores you can redeem your gifts, as well as the redemption period. When you are in the store and are unpacking your gift, you simply tap “Redeem Now”.

Then hit “Redeem PIF” and choose the store you are in. From there, the store will swipe and scan the barcode. You can then enjoy your gift. Finally, you can thank the receiver by sending a PIF in return.

Redeem a gift:

  • Choose a gift
  • Find a store
  • Redeem gift
  • Enjoy gift
  • Send a PIF in return

When can a gift be redeemed?

The redemption period is different from gift to gift. You can always see the redemption period on the gift you have received under “My PIF’s”. Here you can also see how many days and hours you have left on the redemption period and when your gift expires.

What happens if the gift is not redeemed?

If you do not redeem your gift within the redemption period, the gift will disappear from “My PIF’s”, and you will no longer be able to redeem the gift at the suppliers’ stores. So, come down to the store and enjoy your gift before the redemption period runs out!

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