1. PIF is spreading joy by giving.
Social gifting is a new concept with the soul purpose of sharing and spreading joy.

2. PIF holds on to your data.
This means we do not sell your data to anyone. What happens on PIF stays on PIF.


PIF is a trendy gifting-app that creates real-time happiness

Do you believe in the gift of giving? We do. When we give, we make others happy, but we also become happier, healthier and feel more connected ourselves. That’s why we have created PIF – a cool gifting-app that makes it easy to give to others and spread joy ASAP.

But wait, there’s more. When we give, we also support the local businesses where we pick up the ‘lets-hang-out-beer’ or the ‘I’m-sorry-shawarma’. In this way, we help make the world a better place with WAY happier people and a healthier business life. Do you want to join? Then start PIF’ing.

VIL DU I KONTAKT? Har du spørgsmål. problemer med appen eller noget helt tredje?
Så bare rolig, vi står klar med hjælp. Fang os på telefon +45 70270882 eller e-mail

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