PIF supports local businesses

PIF sets the frame for an immensely fine digital ecosystem that not only connects people in the most beautiful way, but also supports the local business life where the gifts are picked up. Win-win.

PIF expands your business with more happy customers and helps the business grow

We’re passionate about making a change in people’s lives. About making people happier and the local business life healthier. That’s the core of everything we do. That’s why our gifting-app spreads joy among both people and local businesses and helps them get more customers.

Here are some of the awesome partner benefits that we offer

  • A new and exciting sales channel that can contain all the products and experiences you want
  • Full support when setting up your account, products and prices
  • Easy integration to all check-out and POS-systems
  • Option to send push-notifications – e.g. with special offers
  • Prompt and relevant customer contact with geo-tracking
  • 100 % transparency regarding transactions and payment handling in accordance with applicable privacy policy law
  • Low transaction fees
  • Sales reports

Furthermore, we guarantee that all of PIF’s financial functions are composed in accordance with the guidelines of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. Naturally.

How it works

You choose which products you want from your business in the gifting-app. We upload the products – and seconds later, they are available. All PIF users can now buy your products directly through the app and send them to someone they care about. The recipient comes to your store in person and picks up the gift – most likely with a huge smile on their face… And who knows, maybe the visit turns into additional sales? It’s a new and creative way to get more customers.

Transparency is key

You should therefore know that you are responsible for paying the low, but mandatory transaction fee for MobilePay or Nets – and we charge 10-15 % of your purchased and redeemed product. This covers support and marketing, which actually benefits your business.

Are you interested in hearing more?

Then call us at +45 21164476 or send an e-mail to support@pif-app.com.

But you can also hop on the PIF-train and sign up via our website. Click here to become a partner now.

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