PIF, it’s catchy

Did you know that when you PIF, you set off a joy-spreading chain reaction: When you give a gift, you become happy yourself. But so does the recipient – actually, they often become so happy that they PIF another gift to someone else… or maybe even back to you – which gives you double the joy!

Do you PIF a lot? Lucky you – then you are both happier and healthier than others

When you PIF a fun present or a nice surprise, your body releases endorphins and oxytocin – resulting in everything from joy to euphoria, a lower amount of stress hormones and a better mental wellbeing. Honestly, it’s kind of magical… But maybe not as magical as the fact that the more you give, the longer you’ll live. And that’s not just something we’re saying. It’s science, baby. So what are you waiting for? With PIF you can send gifts anywhere in the world!

And there are even more advantages

In addition to all the social and psychological benefits, the gifting-app is pretty fancy itself:

  • It’s live on App Store and Google Play
  • It’s free to download and use
  • It’s available in multiple languages
  • It takes less than 45 seconds to create a profile
  • It makes it easy to send a gift and spread joy
  • It reminds you of birthdays so you don’t miss out
  • It has a built-in chat feature
  • It has an intuitive payment system where you can pay with both credit card and MobilePay

Oh, and also: It’s possible to request stuff in the app. So if you forget your wallet but have a craving for a drink or a juicy sandwich, there is still hope: Bring out with the old faithful phone, open the app, find your craving and send a request to a generous person – or to someone who owes you. Smart, right? With PIF you can send gifts anywhere!

How to get started

  • Open the app
  • Enter your telephone number
  • Choose your country
  • Enter the SMS-code
  • Create an account
  • And you’re good to go. Easy-peasy!

How to send a PIF and create real-time happiness

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