Our passion lies in promoting social gifting, driven by the belief in the incredible power of giving.

We understand that when we give, not only do we bring happiness to others, but we also experience an enriching sense of happiness, well-being, and deeper connections.

PIF stands for Pay It Forward

At PIF, we rise each day with a mission to create a brighter, more joyful world.


We put our hearts into our work and are passionate about making a positive difference in the everyday lives of others.

To limit the amount of cloudy days, make people happier and the local business community healthier. That’s the core of everything we do.


Go ahead and call us rebels of joy with razor sharp IT skills. Because we carry it as a brand of honour.

We put our competencies into play on a daily basis to challenge the status quo and to find new, cool real-time ways to revolutionize the world so that it becomes a little happier.


With lots of love and professional knowledge, we inspire to improve the quality of life with social gifting. We know that small acknowledgments – such as an ‘I’m-sorry-shawarma’ or ‘I’m-thinking-of-you-coffee’ – make a huge difference.

Both for those who give and those who receive and that is worth passing on.

Get inspired! Download the app now and make someone’s day!


We are open and honest – we have nothing to hide and are actually quite proud of our work. That’s why transparency is key in our business.

And this is true regardless of whether we are talking economy, partners, mistakes, successes, CSR initiatives or something completely different. Are you curious? Then ask.


We are the generous types who prefer giving rather than receiving. It gives us a kick – and it feels amazing to know that our actions have a joy-spreading effect that is very contagious…

Did we mention that the more you give the longer you’ll live?

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